Author’s Night at Zorvino Vineyard!

Come to a fabulous Author’s Night!


266 Main Street

Sandown, NH  03873

Friday, February 2, 2018

6:00 – 9:00 pm

We will be there from 6-9 pm! There will be food, wine, conversation and books! All Jemsbooks will be available for purchase signed by me and my husband, the illustrator.

If you are in the neighborhood – please stop by! There will be food, wine, and conversation and, of course, books signed by authors! It will be a fun night!

Hope to see you there! Happy Reading!


Thanks for stopping by to read about this exciting venue.

Blessings & Hugs!


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Michael Fedison Publishes The Singularity Wheel, a Follow-Up to The Eye-Dancers!

I am thrilled to help celebrate Michael Fedison’s birthday with his release of The Singularity Wheel, a follow-up to The Eye Dancers.

Press Release: Michael Fedison Publishes The Singularity Wheel, a Follow-Up to The Eye-Dancers

Mike Fedison book The Singularity Wheel

In 2012, Michael Fedison took a leap of faith and published his science fiction novel, The Eye-Dancers. While not new to the world of writing and publishing, this was Fedison’s first full-length novel, and his first foray into self-publishing. Now, half a decade later, Fedison has finally published its long-awaited sequel, The Singularity-Wheel.

The Eye-Dancers focuses on the tale of four preteen boys who are transported to an alternate universe by a mysterious young girl with swirling blue eyes. The unlikely group must learn to set their differences aside and work together to rescue the blue eyed-damsel in distress, and return home.

The new sequel itself takes place five years after the events in The Eye-Dancers, allowing Fedison’s YA fan base to grow into the tougher topics tackled in The Singularity Wheel. The new book tackles deeper topics like teenage angst, the pursuit of happiness, and the unfortunate fact that when friends grow up they sometimes grow apart.

Over the past five years, Fedison has used blogging and social media to connect with his readers, and generate renewed interest in both the old book and this new sequel. In fact, Fedison’s The Eye-Dancers attracts a diverse audience ranging from young boys, to moms, and older men; all of whom can relate to the struggles the four main characters face in their book.

“Fedison has a remarkably creative mind. I cannot remember reading anything quite like The Eye-Dancers. It is very well written and I have no doubt that kids will become mesmerized by this fabulous children’s story,” one of his readers tells him on Amazon.

Another adds, “The Eye-Dancers, and the author Michael S. Fedison, did a fantastic job taking me back to my middle school days. This is why I would recommend this book to middle school students as well as the young at heart. This book is well written and captures the life as pre-teens facing the normalities of life and the supernatural.”

The Singularity Wheel, was originally scheduled for November of 2017, but after a few setbacks, the novel was re-scheduled for release on January 26, 2018, the author’s birthday. What a way to celebrate!

The Singularity Wheel is available on Amazon at $2.99 for the eBook and $9.99 for the paperback.

Book reviewers who would like a complimentary copy for review purposes are encouraged to contact his publicists directly at Alexis Chateau PR.

Best of luck to Michael Fedison with his new book and hope he has a wonderful birthday! Please help make Mike’s birthday special by downloading his new book! While you are downloading this book,  please check out his first book, The Eye Dancers, to follow the story from the beginning.

Thank you for stopping by to read about talented blogger and author, Michael Fedison!

Remember: Reading Gives You Wings to Fly! Happy Reading Everyone! 

Blessings & Hugs!


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More Books from Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore!

I am honored to be listed among these talented authors in Sally Cronin’s Cafe and Bookstore. This latest post has some new books, one is mine, and some wonderful new reviews of the books. Stop by and check out some new books, reads some reviews, and hopefully buy some books that intrigue you. Sally is a wonderful support to her fellow authors and has an enormous list of authors’ and their books in her Cafe and Bookstore. There is something for everyone there!

Also, check out talented author/blogger, Sally Cronin’s own collection of fabulous books! I have read all of Sally’s books and loved every one of them. Give some authors some love today by reading and reviewing their books. We will all love you for it! We write for you! Happy Reading! Thanks, dear Sally! ❤️

via Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update – D.G. Kaye, Heather Kindt, Leslie Tate and Janice Spina

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Everything You Need to Know About Blogging!

Please check out Nicholas Rossis’ informative blog for all the up-to-date info on blogging, writing and publishing. Also, while you are there, check out his wonderful books! Thank you, Nicholas for this fantastic infographic!

via Everything You Need To Know About Blogging

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Writing in Different Genres!

Writing in Different Genres

How important is it for authors to be able to write across genres?

First of all, not everyone cares to write in multi-genres. There are some who choose to write in one genre and for select readers. There is nothing wrong with writing in one or multi-genres. Who am I to tell anyone what is the right thing to do?

If you look at J K Rowling, for instance, she has excelled in writing for YA, PT, MG groups (young adult, preteen, middle-grade). She has also written for 18+. I am one of her biggest fans for the first group but I did not enjoy the 18+ mysteries as much as the Harry Potter series. That does not mean that her books didn’t sell well! On the contrary, once she became established as a successful author anything she wrote (even under a pen name) sold off the shelves. If only I could do that! Sigh!

I chose to write in different and multi-genres to keep myself fresh. I started out with children’s books, ages 0-8, then branched out to MG and PT, ages 9-12, then 18+. I have received a Silver Medal from MOM’S Choice Awards for one children’s book, six Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards for my children’s and MG books, and two Reader’s Favorite Book Awards for my MG books. These awards make an author feel that maybe she is doing something right. I am definitely enjoying what I do.

Whatever you write about, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, do your best, research your material, read other author’s work and about others’ successes to hone your writing. I have read between 90-105 books each year to improve my writing in any way I can.

I follow my dream daily by writing. Like my motto says, Reading Gives You Wings to Fly! Soar with!

I am definitely soaring! Believe in yourself and do what you love to do daily! Happy Reading!

(A different version of this post was originally in an anthology by Kristina Stanley. Check out her blog and books sometime.)

Look for new books coming this year on my Amazon Author Page.

Thank you for stopping by and for your kind and continuing support!

Now excuse me while I go back to my latest project, sequel to Hunting Mariah. Lots more to do! Wish me luck! It’s tough dealing with a insane character!

Blessings & Hugs!


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Meet & Greet At Sally Cronin’s Blog!

Stop over and meet and greet some lovely people at Sally Cronin’s fabulous Blog! Sally is one of the most generous, kind and giving people I know. I am honored to call her friend! She has shared my books with her readers tirelessly. Now it is time for me to sound the horn about her books and her wonderful blog! Here is one of many entertaining posts to check out at Sally’s Bookstore and Cafe. Much love to you, Sally! Xx

Here is one link to a couple of Sally’s books too. Don’t forget to check them all out! Other links for her complete collection can be found on her blog below. Happy Reading!


via Smorgasbord Saturday Meet and Greet – At the Watering Hole this week – Hugh W. Roberts, Rosie Amber and The Story Reading Ape

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Blogger Tips by Hugh Roberts!

If you are a new blogger and need some helpful hints how to get off to a good start on your blog, stop by and visit Hugh and learn something helpful and new! Hugh Roberts is a blogger extraordinaire!

via 27 Harsh Facts Every New Blogger Should Know About Blogging

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What Keeps Indie Authors Motivated?

Well, I know what keeps this indie author motivated. I want to share my writing even if it is sometimes like baring my very soul to scrutiny and derision.

It took many years for me to become confident enough to want to share my work. Writing is what gives me purpose and makes me happy. Writing has become a part of me that I don’t ever want to lose. After all the years I kept it all inside, now it is free to come out.

We indie authors work tirelessly to get our work out there. We want to share our ideas and stories with others. We feel that we have something to offer and hope that others will think so too and enjoy reading our books.

All you indie authors out there, never give up your dreams. May you continue to grow and increase your knowledge in order to share it with the world.

I found early in life that not everyone will love me or my work. That’s okay. I want to reach all those readers who will love my work.  With my talented husband, John’s help, we will persevere and continue to publish our books for others to enjoy.

My husband and I have been working non-stop on the latest, children’s book, Clarence Henry the Hermit Crab, having some unusual glitches this time after 17 times publishing. I can’t figure out why the publishing process appears to be getting more complicated instead of easy. We have done the same thing and thought we had it down to a science. Evidently not! It appears that there are changes going on in indie publishing especially with children’s books and illustrations. We will continue to work toward getting our books published in perfect order no matter how long it takes.

We hope to have the latest children’s book, Clarence Henry the Hermit Crab, ready as a paperback soon. It is now available as a Kindle. We are happy with how it turned out and hope you will like it too.

We have added four photos of Clarence Henry in action and added some interesting facts about him. We feel this book will make a welcome addition and resource to classroom projects involving hermit crabs.

At the same time we are publishing the children’s book, I am working non-stop on the sequel to my first novel, Hunting Mariah. I hope to have this MS ready to give to my beta readers soon. If you would like to read this book, I would suggest that you read Hunting Mariah first in order to understand the mind of the killer.

We will be working on the cover to this sequel as soon as my niece, who is the model for the first book, gets a new photo to us. It’s always exciting to create a new story and cover and prepare to share it with others.

It never gets old to me, publishing a new book. Each time I push the button to publish I get a wonderful feeling deep inside. It’s like giving wings to my words and seeing them soar!

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your kind support and any reviews you do on my books. Your reviews restore my confidence and encourage me to write more.

Remember: Reading Gives You Wings to Fly! Soar throughout 2018 with!

Blessings & Hugs!


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Working on Sequel to First Novel, Hunting Mariah!


I need to spend some serious time working on my sequel to my first novel, Hunting Mariah. There have been so many distractions and now I need to give it all my attention.

My husband just completed illustrating my new children’s book, Clarence Henry the Hermit Crab. LINKS NOW AVAILABLE BELOW:



No matter how many books I publish there are always some snags that have to be taken care of whether it is downloading to CS or to Amazon Kindle. We are dealing with them without pulling out what hair we have left! Just keep on smiling, I say, and keep moving forward. Things will come to fruition!

Clarence Henry jpg

Now that John completed the children’s book (1 book done out of my goal of 5) he can concentrate on working on the cover for book 2 of Mariah. I would like to use my niece’s lovely face again if she can supply us with her likeness.

I am working on the last few chapters of the book but need to do some intensive editing then only to Beta Readers for polishing it up some more.

Please excuse me if I don’t post for a little while. I may share some of my friend’s posts, like, Hugh Roberts and Sally Cronin’s, for example. There are also plenty of posts for you to look through on my blog until I can get back here.

Please check out my website too for updates on events. I have a Multi-Author’s Event coming up on February 2, 2018 in Sandown, New Hampshire. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer and I have more information to share.

Thank you for stopping by and for continuing to visit! It is a pleasure to have you. Please keep coming back. I will have more news about publications coming and author events and book signings.


Blessings & Hugs,


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Cover Reveal of New Jemsbooks Children’s Book!

Cover Reveal of New Jemsbooks Children’s Book!



Clarence Henry jpg



Universal Link to Book

I am thrilled to reveal the cover of our new children’s book, Clarence Henry the Hermit Crab! My husband, John, has been diligently working on the illustrations for this book and has created this beautiful cover! Links are now available above!

We had such a busy 2017 that we did not get to complete it in time to publish before the end of the year. Therefore, sigh, I did not make my goal of publishing five books last year. This year 2018 I plan to work extremely hard to publish five!! Wish me luck!


Clarence Henry is different from other hermit crabs. He came to his new home minus one claw and a leg. He needs to protect himself until he can grow a new claw and leg. Will Clarence Henry be able to meet the challenges in his new water world?

Clarence Henry was a real aquatic hermit crab who lived in a saltwater fish tank in our home. We watched him interact with the other creatures in the tank.

He was resilient, intelligent, and a joy to have as a pet. We took some photos of him as he grew his claw and leg and changed shells.

We share these photos and facts about hermit crabs in the back of the book. I hope you will enjoy them. This book would make a wonderful resource for classrooms.

Watch for Clarence Henry – coming to Amazon and Barnes & Noble and other online stores soon!


Thank you for stopping by to read about Clarence Henry.

If you enjoyed Jerry the Crabby Crayfish – you will love Clarence Henry the Hermit Crab too!

Thank you for your continued support. Reviews are welcome and appreciated for all Jemsbooks!

Blessings & hugs,


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