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I am honored to be among these talented authors on Sally Cronin’s fabulous Cafe & Bookstore! Drop on over and check out all the lovely authors and their books! Thanks, Sally, for including me and my books. Hugs xx

via Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update – Lorinda J. Taylor, J. E. Spina, Heather Kindt and Paulette Mahurin.

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New Review of Hunting Mariah!

Old and New covers of Hunting Mariah


Here is a lovely new review of Hunting Mariah that I stumbled upon on Thank you, Annika, for taking the time to write this!

4.0 out of 5 starsRiveting & Fast-Paced Thriller!

on 23 April 2018

Format: Kindle Edition

Hunting Mariah is a riveting and relentless novel that had me hooked from the very beginning. A serial ‘school killer’ is on the loose and the book begins with the gruesome details of his first victim and her death … and his particular macabre desire to mark them.

Whilst the author successfully albeit uncomfortable reaches inside the killer’s mind, the book’s main narrative centres on the young woman Mariah and for an unknown reason she is key to the killings.

For a large portion of the book, Mariah finds herself in a health facility and with the help of Dr Roberts is gradually recalling the details that led to her admission. Her amnesia is slowly and tantalisingly broken and the book is mainly told through her recollections of the past, as well as through immediate events surrounding the doctor and her school counsellor Tony, whom she has fallen in love with. Whenever solid foundations seem to have been laid, they are shaken up and no one is quite who they seem!

This fast-paced novel is darkly sinister and menacing, at times macabrely violent. The intensity is balanced by the gentle awakenings of Mariah’s memory, her sweetness and innocence and the protective and loving support around her.

Links to – US


Hunting Mariah Book Trailer (done by Chris Graham)

Mariah’s Revenge (Sequel to Hunting Mariah) is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Find out what happens as the story continues in Book 2! You won’t be able to put it down!

Book trailer for Mariah’s Revenge (done by J.E. Spina)


Update on free copies of 1st edition Hunting Mariah. Five people claimed their copy. Four books have already been mailed out. Still waiting for the fifth person to come forward with her address. Books will be delivered between Tuesday and Friday of next week. Happy Reading everyone! Thank you for your interest in my book!

I would love to hear from you when you finish reading it and always welcome reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes & Noble.

Check out the other reviews on Amazon and Goodreads of Hunting Mariah on links above.

Thank you for stopping by. Always a pleasure to see you! Thank you for your kind support!


Watch for new books coming this summer! I always have a project in the wings!

Blessings & Hugs!


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Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner!



I am thrilled to announce that my children’s book, Colby the Courageous Cat won a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the Category of Children’s Interest!

I am extremely excited that my book won this award! THANK YOU PINNACLE!

Book Blurb:

Colby is one of a litter of four kittens. The kittens get into all kinds of trouble. Being the biggest and strongest, Colby’s mother expects him to watch over the smaller kittens and keep them safe. Read and find out what Colby does to meet his mother’s expectations.

Life Lessons: Children will learn that family is important and that they should love and trust one another.

Colby is available on the following links for purchase.


Barnes & Noble

Also Colby is available by clicking on covers to the right of this post or on my website:


Happy reading! Reading is good for your health! Stay healthy, read, and have fun this summer!

Thank you for stopping by to hear about Colby! Your children will love him!

Blessings & hugs!


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Flowers are everywhere!


I love all kinds of flowers and revel in their beauty! Each time I go out for a walk I frantically snap every flower I happen to see. This drives my poor husband crazy. Sigh!

Below are some flowering trees – a maple tree which I can’t remember the exact name for you. Sorry. It is small but has rosy pink blossoms and then red/green leaves will soon sprout. In third photo down you will see the red leaves beginning to come out.

The second photo is of one of our pots on the front porch which is a mixture of small petunias. They will grow and spread out of the pots by the summer. Of course, more photos will be shared of them in all their glory.

Here is one of our pots of dahlias above which will become fuller as the weather gets warmer. Of course I will snap them again for you.

I had to share these gorgeous houses that we pass by on our 2.5-3.0 mile walk. They take your breath away. Their grounds are immaculately groomed and have beautiful trees.

This house below is much larger than it looks. The rest of it is hidden behind the trees and it has a beautiful gazebo you can see on the right.

I used to dream of living in one these mansions when we first moved here to New Hampshire. But now I love our home. It may be small compared to these fabulous 12+ room castles but my home is my castle. We have added and touched up and changed and rearranged things over the nearly fifteen years. It’s all perfect to me!!

Also, I want to share some new photos of one of our visitors – the magnificent Baltimore Oriole. He came to visit to eat the grape jelly and half an orange that John put out for it. But this time he brought along his mate. She is lighter in color and more muted but still beautiful. She is waiting not so patiently on top while her mate eats his fill of the orange and grape jelly.

She is brazen enough to kick him off if he takes too long.

In this photo above. The male sits dejected as the female eats. You can almost see how he feels by his posture.

Thank you for joining me today on my walk. I hope you enjoyed my photos. Stop by again real soon!


Watch for a new book for MG girls coming soon and a fairytale by summer for young children.

Links to purchase all Jemsbooks are at covers on the right. Stock up on your summer reading for all ages!

Blessings & Hugs!


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Happy Mother’s Day!



This year we celebrated Mother’s Day the week before the actually day. My lovely daughter-in-law always has my daughter and her family and John and I over to her house for a delicious repast.

This year she outdid herself. She had mixed veggies with ranch dip, Cape Cod chips with homemade caramelized onion dip, shrimp cocktail, and cheese and crackers for starters.

For the main course she served marinated beef strips with roasted red peppers, paprika chicken legs, potato salad, sliced tomatoes and mozzarella, corn salsa with cheese, tossed spinach salad with raisins and walnuts. For dessert my daughter made carrot cake and I brought a mixture of chocolate fudge cake, carrot cake, Boston cream cake, lemon cake. I was good somewhat and only ate a small piece of homemade carrot cake.

Sorry I didn’t think of taking a photo of all the food. We ate it all too quickly!

I received a gift certificate to my favorite local restaurant from my son and daughter-in-law and three grandsons, and from my daughter and family, a pair of comfy slippers and a lovely figurine (chosen by my granddaughter just for me) to commemorate the Monarch butterfly. Here is the paper that came with my figurine which is called Butterfly!

Here is a photo of the beautiful, graceful figurine. It looks like a butterfly, reason for its name.

It was a wonderful day to spend with my family! I feel blessed!

Here is a poem I wrote in memory of my mother.

My mom, Beatrice

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

By Janice Spina

You were always there for me

To guide and pave the way.

You bandaged my scraped knees.

You hugged and kissed the hurt away.

You listened when I needed an ear

To solve a problem you were always there.

You taught me right from wrong

and soothed me to sleep with a sweet song.

When I was sick you stroked my fevered brow.

and slept by me as long as time would allow.

You have been gone now for many a year

but in my heart I hold you forever near.

I miss and think of you every single day.

But I know I will join you when our Lord calls me His way.

Wishing all mothers out there a happy and blessed Mother’s Day! May your family surround you with love on your day!

Thank you for stopping by. You are always welcome! Come again soon!


Do something special this year for your mother! Buy her a book for her special day! Check out for a novel that she will love. Also you can click on covers to the right of this post for purchase.

These are novels by Jemsbooks:

A sweet story of love beyond death – How Far is Heaven.

Two thrillers/suspense/mysteries – Hunting Mariah & Mariah’s Revenge (Sequel)

An eclectic mix of short stories – An Angel Among Us (this book was dedicated to a friend who passed from breast cancer)

Blessings & Hugs!


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Hummingbirds are now here!!


This is the second post I have written about these lovely little critters. Here is the previous one.

The bird feeders are out! Now to catch them in action! You have to be quick to see them.

I had my first sighting this year a few days ago. It’s such a thrill to see them coming back.

If you have been reading my blog since March of 2013, you would know how much I love birds, especially hummingbirds! They are the smallest of the birds and the only ones that can hover in mid-air and fly backwards. They are incredible little creatures that are fascinating to watch and catch in motion if you can.

I wrote this poem several years ago and updated it to reflect my feelings toward these gorgeous little birds.


by Janice Spina

It’s as delicate as a butterfly

And graceful as a lark.

Wings beating in a symphonic rhythm

As it maneuvers around each flower,

And dips its beak to draw out the sweet-smelling nectar.

I watch as it moves effortlessly.

Its iridescent wings rapidly beating

As it hovers like an acrobat in midair.

Its feathers glisten with color and reflect the sun’s rays.

Seeing this bird in its element is to experience pure wonder and joy.

One knows there is something greater out there

That made the glorious hummingbird!


Another unbelievably beautiful bird is the Baltimore Oriole. The beauty of this bird cannot be captured in my photos here. You must see one to believe the vibrancy of its colors – brilliant yellow and black. It has a strange call which sounds like clicking similar to that of a chattering chipmunk.  It’s a distinctive sound and when we hear it we run to the back deck. This is where the Oriole feeder is kept.

My husband puts out the feeders for both the hummingbirds and the Oriole at the same time in early May. That’s when they are both expected to arrive. It’s quite an exciting time to see them return each year to the same feeder.

In the photos above that I took this year the little guy is looking right at the camera posing for a picture. He doesn’t appear to be frightened in the least and will come to the feeder even when we are sitting on the deck.

Here are some exciting facts about these amazing little creatures. My source for info below is Wikipedia.

Hummingbirds are birds from the Americas that constitute the family Trochilidae. They are among the smallest birds, most species measuring 7.5-13 cm in length.

Lifespan: 3-5 years

Speed: 49 mps (Maximum, Diving)

My source for information below is

Hummingbirds are small, colorful birds with iridescent feathers. Their name comes from the fact that they flap their wings so fast (about 80 times per second) that they make a humming noise. They can fly right, left, up, down, backwards, and even upside down. They are also able to hover by flapping their wings in a figure-8 pattern. They have a specialized long and tapered bill that is used to obtain nectar from the center of long, tubular flowers. The hummingbird’s feet are used for perching only, and are not used for hopping or walking.

Hummingbirds primarily eat flower nectar, tree sap, insects and pollen.

Their fast breathing rate, fast heartbeat and high body temperature require that they eat often. They also require an enormous amount of food each day. They have a long tongue which they use to lick their food at a rate of up to 13 licks per second.

If you would like more information on these incredible birds, go to Wikipedia, or other sites.

I hope you will get to see one of these creatures in action. Happy bird watching!

Thank you for stopping by! Please come back again.


Blessings & Hugs!


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Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

Now that spring is finally here every day is a beautiful day to me in the the neighborhood!

My husband and I try to walk every day 2-3 miles, sometimes more, around the neighborhood. On this particular trip I took many photos which drove John utterly crazy. I stopped every few minutes to admire trees budding, flowers springing up, and grass growing greener to the eye.

Here are some of the beautiful photos I snapped with my cell.

The flowering trees are gorgeous to  look at especially if they are all in a row as below.

The sky this day was an azure blue, bright, clear and breathtaking. I photographed some sky here.

We live close to golf course which makes for some fabulous photos in all seasons. I was fortunate to be able to snap these photos after they updated their gazebo with a new roof.

I don’t like to golf even though I took lessons. It is the only time I cry constantly. When I get to each hole I have a terrible time hitting the ball. My swing is perfect (well for me, that is) but alas, the ball doesn’t go anywhere. This causes for some consternation on the part of my husband who keeps telling everyone, “She’s new at this.”

I will always be NEW at this frustrating game! Tom Hanks said in A League of Their Own, “There’s no crying in baseball!” I say there is plenty of crying in golf! Ha! Well that ended my career in golf. My husband happily plays with his friends and my brother and there is no crying going on but maybe some arguing! LOL!

Here are one of the hills above we take to get our blood pumping. It’s quite a trek coming back. At our age we need a challenge and it’s good for our circulation to keep moving. Like Dori says, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!”

Below photos are of some of our yard blooming and coming to life! Love it!

Below is the beginning of great beauty with my rose bush! Last year it was gorgeous in all its splendor. But this year the landscaper cut it farther back. I hope it will flourish and produce a multitude of roses as last year. Finger crossed!

The next photo is of our hydrangea. We only had a few blossoms last spring. It’s beginning to green up so maybe we will have better luck this year!

This photo below is of an Easter Lily that John planted recently. Next to it are two more plants from previous years coming up.

One lone dandelion sits on our front lawn. Hopefully it will not have any friends joining him soon before the landscaper puts him out to pasture (on someone else’s pasture, that is).

There is beauty also inside to share. My Christmas cactus flowers around Thanksgiving and Christmas but also around Easter. It is now in full bloom and is just beginning to drop some of its pink flowers.

The violet is wearing its deepest purple flowers to show off and the lily lives off of the beta fish which in turn gets its nutrition from the plant.

This is called aqua-ponics. This is the combination of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (the soil-less growing of plants) that grows fish and plants together in one integrated system. The fish wastes provide an organic food source for the plants, and the plants naturally filter the water for the fish.

There is a third participant here called microbes (nitrifying bacteria). These bacteria convert ammonia from the fish waste first into nitrites, and then into nitrates. Nitrates are the form of nitrogen that plants can uptake and use to grow. Solid fish waste is turned into vermicompost that also acts as food for the plants.

In combining both hydroponic and aquaculture systems, aquaponics capitalizes on their benefits, and eliminates the drawbacks of each.

For more info on this – go to which is where I found the above information.

I hope you enjoyed my photos today. Thank you for stopping by! Please come back again for plenty of new posts about all kinds of things thrown in along with my writing, publishing, helpful info for authors, readers and my travels.

Wishing you a beautiful day today and every day! May God shower you with love!


Reading is good for your health! Happy Reading!

Blessings & Hugs!


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Wonderful Resources for Authors and Writers Everywhere!

This is an invaluable list of Writer’s Resources from Chris Graham’ s, Thestoryreadingape’s blog. Check it out today. Thank you, Chris and Sally, for sharing!

via WRITERS RESOURCES UPDATED – Please Bookmark, Browse and Share with your Author, Writer, Blogger Friends…

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Amazon Review Privilege by Blogger May Dawney!

Reviews are at a premium now. Read this informative post about reviewing on Amazon. Are you doing your share?

via Amazon Review Privilege by Guest Blogger, May Dawney

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Writing Can Be Fun for Kids!


I hear many times from my grandkids that writing is not fun. When I worked in a school system in Massachusetts the kids would groan when we asked them to write a story about their favorite things to do. They would sit at their desks with pencils in hand and stare at a blank sheet of paper.



Writing can come easier for some than others. It’s like anything in life. Some of us excel at sports, while others are spectators. Writing is like a sport only exercising your mind. The more you exercise your mind the easier it becomes to use it to expand your knowledge base.


I believe writing can be fun for kids if we make it so by starting early in schools. Kindergarteners love to talk about their pets, vacations and toys. Why not ask them to tell a story about one of these? If we encourage our children to share stories every year in school they will learn how to write in a fun way.


This can be the beginning of a love of writing for children. It’s an important part of their lives to be able to express themselves in writing. Doors will open for positions that will require writing in their futures. If we encourage our children to strive to be whatever they want to be, they will succeed in life.





Did I mention when I was growing up I had three vocations to choose from as my favorites.

1. Nurse

2. Teacher

3. Writer

Well, you know which one I finally chose. But for several years I was in the medical profession as a medical assistant, secretary, and as an admittance clerk in a hospital.

My next choice #2 – I was employed for a few years in a school setting as a program assistant (aide) working with children with special needs, with those eligible for Chapter One Reading and Math, and as a substitute.

I then moved on to being a secretary where I practiced my writing, editing, and social skills. As a secretary you must be literate and know how to spell and compose sentences to say the least. Also, every letter that I wrote had to be perfect for they were a reflection of my office and the school system.

In my husband’s family and mine there are two teachers at the moment working in elementary schools. My husband, John, has a doctorate in Educational Administration. We are surrounded by learning. That is one of the reasons I try to encourage others to read and now also write with their children.


My oldest grandson is studying to be a teacher and my two middle-grade grandsons love to write. They have given me a copy of a book they have worked on a few years ago. I have yet to sit down with it to edit for them. Life has been so busy for me publishing and writing daily and keeping up with all the activities that go along with families. I will get to it one day.

My youngest grandson, four-years old, is learning sight words now. He is excited to recognize letters and read words. My daughter reads to both of her children each night – at least three books. Of course all my grandchildren receive my books to enjoy. Reading my books has inspired them to want to write too. This makes me extremely happy and proud of them. You know the old adage, children do what they see.


Of course, reading is of the utmost importance at an early age. The more children read the better they will be able to comprehend other subjects in school. Please read to your children daily for their good health and your own.



Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will enjoy the good weather that is here in New England. I am thrilled that it is finally warm. I pray that wherever you like that you are having some fabulous weather.




Stock up on summer reading for you and your children. School will be out soon! Happy summer reading! Http:// has books for all ages! All my books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online stores. There are also links to purchase all books on the right of this post under book covers.







Blessings & Hugs!


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